Shot Breakdown

1. Personal Project, Adult Swim mock ad: Done in Procreate.
2. MDZS Tarot, Project Announcement ad: Contributed hair rigging and animating in After Effects, and the card animation which was done in Clip Studio Paint.
3. Personal Project, ASPCA mock ad: Done in Procreate and After Effects.
4. Colorful Girls Zine, Preorder Announcement ad: Contributed animating in After Effects. 
5. Personal Project, Dragon animation: Animated in Clip Studio Paint, character design by Samantha Davies.
6. Personal Project, Underground Disco: Animated in Clip Studio Paint.
7. Personal Project, Little Miss Sunshine music video: Bus animated in Blender Grease Pencil.
8. Personal Project, ASPCA mock ad
9. Personal Project, Adult Swim mock ad
10. Collected Miscellany Zine, Preorder Countdown ad: Comet SFX from ad, animated in Clip Studio Paint.