Collected Miscellany

Graphic Designer- Social Media, Layout
Unofficial Genshin Impact fanzine featuring 30+ contributors’ Genshin Impact original characters with their character details and splash art.

Social Media

Creating social media graphics within established brand identity to promote interest and sales of the fanzine, for Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Used Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Composited video for social media launch announcement. Created and edited video graphics from 0:07 onwards, mixed all audio.  


Frame by frame comet animation and graphics, created by myself.


Created social media templates to highlight contributor characters featured in the zine as promotion.
Artists (left-right, top-bottom): reisye, kibstar, koloquials, sika.

Transparent stickers, picture frames illustrated by myself. Character art illustrated by artists (left-right): reisye, oos, sika, Sunny Shea, HEARTMUSH.

Created video teaser to promote zine prior to preorders opening. 


Layout design of fanzine interior pages. 9 by 12 inches, 104 pages in length. Cover layout designed by myself, cover art illustrated by reisye,